Friday, January 30, 2009

Insightful, gripping…and deliciously skewed

Its uniqueness comes from what its authors represent. Known to be highly opinionated market fundamentalists whose answer to everything is to bring in economic reforms and let the markets do their magic, Ajay Shah and Susan Thomas have brought out — with Michael Gorham as their co-author — what I see as the most unique look at India’s financial markets. You may quarrel with the approach, the slant from where India’s Financial Markets: An Insider’s Guide to How the Markets Work has been written, but no student of economic policy will be able to put this book down without finishing it — it is fresh, it is well written, it is insightful, gripping. Most important, it helps contextualise events and actions and is written at a time when the tribe of liberals is shrinking, the intellectual atmosphere is turning anti-reforms and the people who are supposed to be benefiting from them are having mixed (economy) feelings.

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