Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: Towards a sweet spot between fear and greed

Gautam Chikermane
New Delhi, January 01, 2009

From high inflation and tanking markets to seesawing oil prices and growing layoffs, 2008 proved to be a year of great learning for most of us. Overnight, terms that only the financial suits used in boardrooms or over trading terminals — sub-prime, decoupling, Lehman Brothers — came into our bedrooms, threatening our economic foundations. We learnt who the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor was and why he is an important man. We met and cursed former Fed chief Alan Greenspan for lowering US interest rates. On the tickers, suddenly company performances were given the go by and the Sensex shivered to the tune of markets in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, New York.

Opinion in Hindustan Times

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