Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 day to G20: 157 expectations, 20 heads, 1 day

In the high profile tracking of recommendations from governments and multilateral agencies, I overlooked some others. Here are four that I wasn’t able to bring to you as they were released but are nevertheless important. This quad of recommendations are important not because of what they contain, but because it heightens, very elegantly, the expectations people across continents, ideologies and interests have.
The first count of recommendations took me to 101. On second count they rose to 119. Adding this list, we stand at 157.
The G-20 London Summit 2009: Recommendations For Global Policy Coordination. This March 29 report by The Brookings Institution lays out nine recommendations.
1. Stimulate, Reform, Coordinate: A Macroeconomic Agenda for the G-20 by Eswar Prasad
2. Tame Protectionism and Revitalise Trade by Paul Blustein
3. Speed the Flow of Money to Poor Countries by Homi Kharas
4. Mobilise the G-20 to Respond to the Global Economic Crisis by Colin Bradford and Johannes Linn
5. Empower the Regional Development Banks by Mauricio Cárdenas
6. Aid Africa by Ernest Aryeetey and John Page
7. Good Governance: Learn from the Missing Countries by Daniel Kaufmann
8. Focus on What Asia Wants by Lex Rieffel
9. Understanding and Addressing Political Instability by Raj Desai
New ideas for the London Summit: Recommendations for the G20 Leaders. Released on March 28, you need to know the context where this report is coming from. Chatham House, an eight-decade old “source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all.” The other contributor, The Atlantic Council, “promotes constructive US leadership and engagement in international affairs.” Its recommendations going beyond general declarations at the London Summit and apart from the six broad actions, there are detailed recommendations in this report.

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