Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'It is not worth CAG’s while to look at Rs 100 telephone bills or Rs 200 staff car bills'

How do you define the holistic picture? How is it a step away from what the CAG has been doing so far?
I’m not saying that what the CAG has been doing is not right. No, I’m only saying, prioritise. Government budgets are expanding by leaps and bounds. Which means Government expenditures will increase. But the CAG staff is not expanding. We have limited staff and we have to do the audit in this limited staff. Hence the need to prioritise. We have to ensure that we get to those issues which have a larger impact on society. Maybe NRHM, NREGS. It is not worth our while going and sitting on a PSU, the sales turnover of which is Rs 400-500 crore.
Also, if audit comes up with some findings, it doesn’t mean the findings are malafide. It only means that somewhere some omissions have occurred, it’s not necessarily commissions all the time.

Interview in The Indian Express, February 13, 2008

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